"David is a strong advocate for our city's outdoor spaces, small businesses, and families. Colorado Springs will be in good hands with his voice on City Council to guide our city into the future. Please join me in voting for David to serve on our City Council."
John Suthers
Colorado Springs Mayor
"I am glad to be supporting my friend, small businessman, and outdoors advocate, David Leinweber, for our Colorado Springs City Council. David loves our city and I am confident his leadership and collaborative spirit serving on our City Council is just what Colorado Springs needs."
Bob Gardner
Republican State Senator
"David is a thoughtful leader who truly cares about our neighborhoods and families. He is passionate about solving our city’s mental health crisis and is also a strong advocate for our small businesses and beautiful outdoor spaces. Please join me in voting David to City Council."
Larry Yonker
Former CEO of Springs Rescue Mission
"David is a strong supporter of our police and first responders. We need his leadership on City Council to ensure our law enforcement professionals have the resources they need to protect our families and neighborhoods. Please vote for David for City Council."
Michael Allen
District Attorney
"I have known David for over a decade now as a smart, community committed, small business owner. He and his wife, Becky, have been huge advocates for our access to outdoor recreation. His experience as a small business owner will be invaluable on Council. He is pragmatic, thoughtful and non-partisan. He will also be someone who is willing to think outside the box for creative solutions to our growing growth and public safety challenges."
Richard Skorman
Former President, Colorado Springs City Council
"David is a true advocate and leader in our community, our neighborhoods. He works tirelessly to ensure that our residents and their families have direct access to a quality of life like none other. Through my time leading the YMCA David and I worked together in efforts to strengthen those goals. David Leinweber is a great choice when you are voting your ballot this year. Please join me and vote April 4th for David Leinweber for City Council."
Merv Bennett
Former President, Colorado Springs City Council
"Dave brings four decades of experience in the outdoor recreation industry, including nearly 30 years running his fly fishing shop and guide service on the city’s westside. As founder of the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance, Dave is a proven collaborator, consensus builder and advocate for our outdoor environment and economic vitality.”
Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs
"All up-and-coming politicians — including men and women with unproven skills in government leadership — must have a simple answer to the question, “Why are you running?” An elevator speech is too much. Most prospective voters will hear and remember a simple and concise phrase. Leinweber has this down, with a campaign slogan promising “the best life for every neighborhood.” That’s easy to support. Everyone in Colorado Springs lives in a neighborhood and desires “the best life” possible. Leinweber would achieve this by “prioritizing mental health,” “ensuring responsible growth,” and “creating a safe and economically prosperous community.” Leinweber has worked and volunteered in Colorado Springs for the past 30 years. He is best known as the owner of Angler’s Covey — an iconic business that serves as a one-stop shop for fly fishing equipment and other outdoor goods."
Gazette Editorial Board
Colorado Springs